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2020 Affiliation Fees

Note to all NSW affiliated clubs - 2020 affiliation fees

Please be aware that invoices for next year's State affiliation fees were emailed out to all clubs on Fri 15th November (this is deliberately earlier than last year because many clubs informed us they didn't see or act upon the invoice last year because it arrived too close to Christmas).

Trying to keep track of the right email addresses for over 150 clubs is not an easy task so please help us by:

a) advising us if you want NSWBA invoices to be sent to a different address to the one you received it on (thanks to the couple of clubs that have already done this)
b) advising us if you have not received an invoice and providing the email it should go to so we can update our records
c) checking the details the NSWBA holds for your club on the Find a club page and updating any details.
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Note there are fields for "Treasurer" if you want invoices to be sent to a different address from the main club one. These Treasurer fields are not publicly displayed on the main website "Find a club" page.