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Sources of Funding Assistance for Bridge Clubs

The following is a list of possible sources for NSW bridge clubs seeking funding – primarily in connection with premises.

Many thanks to Peter Marshall from Dubbo bridge club for providing this information. Peter has kindly said he is happy to give advice to any other club committee in this area – he can be contacted via the NSWBA.

Federal Government

Dept for the Ageing

For a variety of purposes including club buildings, fittings and fixtures. These can be accessed through any local federal member.

State Government

Dept of Sport and Recreation

Each local member also has funds for community building projects at least once a year. With elections pending it is worthwhile approaching all candidates for commitments.

The Dept of Sport and Recreation for a fee will keep you informed of all grants and other funds by emailing you on a regular basis. This will be from every possible State Government area.

Local Government

Local govt have smaller amounts usually up to $10,000 twice a year that can be used for almost any purpose.

Local govt will also help you find premises for your club to rent.

Local govt will enter into licensing agreement with clubs to help them buy or long term lease premises. This can involve no interest loans up to $100,000.

Other Parties

Banks and large corporations like Woolworths have grants available sometimes.


The James O'Sullivan trust through the ABF will give low interest loans up to $30,000 for building club houses.

Own your own Clubhouse

Case Study - Kiama - from Australian Bridge describes how Kiama & District Bridge Club managed to build their own premises.