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NSWBA Strategic Review

Following the review conducted in October 2013, the NSWBA has now developed a strategic statement for the period 2013-2017. It contains a statement of our vision, our mission, the values we intend to operate under, and the key challenges we have identified.

Behind each of these 4 key challenges are more detailed action plans (28 in all) that we will be commencing work on over the coming months. Some are largely invisible housekeeping and governance matters (boring but important!), others we hope will be visible to all our affiliated clubs and players.

There is actually a 5th key challenge we didn't write down - which is simply finding the resources to bring some of our plans to fruition. In common with many organisations we rely heavily on a relatively small pool of volunteers and it is unrealistic to expect them to do everything. Therefore the NSWBA councillors want assistance! If you are willing to help us improve bridge across NSW, please get in touch with your regional representatives who can give you more specific details.

Julian Foster
NSWBA Chairman

NSWBA Strategic Statement 2013-2017