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2017 NSW Under 100 Masterpoints Pairs Championships

Qualifying sessions: Preferably September 11-17, 2017 and October 9-15, 2017 (In your local club. Check your local club for actual session dates and times.).

Finals: Sunday November 26, 2017 (in a local club)

Over 70% of the registered active players in the state have fewer than 100 masterpoints.
Masterpoint range % of registered
active NSW players
0-9.99 MP 33%
10-24.99 MP 13%
25-49.99 MP 12%
50-99.99 MP 12%

The Under 100MP State Pairs Championships are restricted to those players with fewer than 100 masterpoints as at August 31, 2017. Early rounds (club sessions) will be played in affiliated clubs and scored locally. Local Finals are played simultaneously over 2 sessions on Sunday 26th November at about 20 different centres scattered around NSW. .

Red masterpoints are issued at level B4s and will be paid for by the NSWBA. Masterpoints are calculated and awarded separately in each masterpoint division.

Entry fee is just $2.00 per player, payable when you play your club qualifying session.

Prizes will include free entry to major Australian Restricted and or Novice events (donated by the ABF), cash, certificates and subscriptions to the online Novice Edition of the Australian Bridge magazine.

For Clubs

The NSWBA invites all affiliated clubs to conduct qualifying events for the 2017 Under 100 MP Pairs Championships.

Click here for the Online Entry form

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The Tournament Organiser of this event (on behalf of the NSWBA) is Warren Lazer. All correspondence and queries should be sent to or ring Warren on (02) 9744 1555 after 10.00 am.