Sydney Bridge Centre Online Swiss Pairs @BBO
Monday, October 5, 2020

This Online Congress will offer you a fun and challenging game against players from all over the state.  For now, it replaces the opportunity to travel to other clubs and participate in their weekend Congresses. 

Our Labour Day Online Swiss Pairs Congress will start at 10.15am on Monday 5th October, two sessions of three matches with a lunch break.

There will be three categories (Novice, Restricted and Open). Please nominate the category you would like to compete in.

  • Novice:  both players have <100 masterpoints as at 1 September 2020.
  • Restricted:  both players have <300 masterpoints as at 1 September 2020.

RED Masterpoints. BB$12 per player for the one-day congress.

Winners of each category will receive an invaluable and meaningful prize - an Over the Shoulder Mentoring in one SBC online club session by Warren Lazer, Julian Foster or Marcia Scudder (all are many times NSW representatives). The convenor reserves the right to modify the prize to BB$ in case of an expert pair win the Open category.

All players must have a NSW or ACT home club.

All players must be registered users on Bridge Base Online and have registered their BBO Username with the ABF


All players entering this event are subject to the NSWBA's Congress Disciplinary Regulations

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