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The NSW Open and Youth Teams claim victory at ANC (Australia National Championship)

SYDNEY CBD NSW 11th July 2016 – New South Wales has claimed victory in the Open Teams and Youth Teams categories at the Australia National Championship in Brisbane on 1st July.

Both the NSW Open Team and Youth Team reached the Knockout Final with West Australia. In the Open final, NSW steadily moved ahead in the last two rounds out of four and won at a total of 144.35 points, 38.85 points ahead of second placed WA.  In the Youth final, NSW dominated with WA conceding after the third round with NSW leading 193.92 points to 78.

Following their triumphant return home, the Chairman Julian Foster said the win reflects the team’s hard work and ability to perform well under pressure. “The Open Team showed the mentality of an elite sportsman.  They stayed calm after being behind at half-time, and ultimately pulled ahead.  I’m very proud of them.”

The Youth Team’s success confirmed NSWBA’s belief in youth development.  Most of the youth team members have learnt bridge from family and at school.  “We are planning to promote bridge in schools.  Nothing could please us more to see young people grow to be formidable adults,” Julian added. “I’m delighted with their comprehensive win.”

The Australia National Championship is the oldest tournament in Australian bridge. For the first week each State selects teams to represent it in Open, Women, Senior and Youth categories. The second week consists of assorted open entry events. The ANC is held annually and rotates around the States, attracting over 1,000 bridge players from all across the country.  Next year’s ANC will be held in Canberra.

The NSW ANC Teams 2016

Open Team

Mathew Vadas
Michael Wilkinson
Nicoleta Giura
Terry Brown
Nick Hughes
Peter Buchen
Paul Lavings (Captain)

Women’s Team

Elli Urbach
Nafi Bashar
Kinga Moses
Berri Folkard
Marcia Scudder
Inez Glanger
Julian Foster (Captain)

Youth Team

John McMahon
Charles McMahon
Matt Smith
Ailsa Peacock
Lakshmi Sunderasan
Alex Phillips
John Newman (Captain)

Seniors Team

Dennis Zines
Tina Zines
Nigel Rosendorff
Nicky Strasser
George Bilski
Martin Bloom
Bob Sebesfi (Captain)

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