SYDNEY CBD 10th September 2015 - Over 50 bridge players attended the Stroke Awareness Charity Day on 10th September 2015 in support of the Stroke Recovery Association of NSW, which was founded by a former NSW Bridge Association member Anita Rosenberg. Organised by the NSW Bridge Association, a Charity play session took place at the Sydney Bridge Centre in Surry Hills and raised more than $900 through table money, raffle ticket and merchandise sales.

Anita Rosenberg, a bridge player who survived a stroke in her early thirties, founded the Stroke Recovery Association in 1977. Anita took a proactive role in all areas and was the President of the Board of the Association for its first ten years, despite her speech impairment and significant paralysis in her right arm, until cancer claimed her life in 2011. She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1993.

Michelle Sharkey, Executive Officer of the Stroke Recovery Association, started the session by acknowledging Anita’s contribution and the continuous support from the NSW Bridge Association. She also brought exciting news to stroke patients, "Treatment using suction to remove clots is available, it’s like a tiny vacuum cleaner for the brain."

Having the symbolic tartan 'Stroke’ ribbon pinned on their collars were also Allen Rosenberg and Helen Borman, Anita’s husband and sister. Bridge is a family game to them. "Our mother (Fay Bernstein) used to play regularly in this centre with us," Helen said, "Card games have always been in the family. She is 99 now, and still plays bridge in the nursing home."

A stroke is the medical term for when a blockage or bleed occurs in the arteries of the brain, and blood and nutrients are cut off from the brain. Stroke care is focused on rapid treatment to minimize the damage, but some recovery through intensive rehabilitation is possible in the following months as the brain rewires itself. Recent studies suggest that stimulation affects how the wiring of the brain changes after a Stroke and assists the brain grow new brain cells (neurons).

"Anita was an inspiration to many," Julian Foster, the Chairman of NSW Bridge Association said, "We would like this event to remind people to nourish their brain. Participating in cognitively stimulating activities such as reading, crossword puzzles, and playing card games such as bridge can be very important in maintaining a healthy brain."

NSW Bridge Association is a not-for-profit organization, committed to promote bridge by organizing classes, play sessions and tournaments. Over 150 bridge clubs are affiliated across NSW. The Association also organizes fun days and fund raising events to support NeuRA for brain research on Alzheimer’s disease and the NSW Stroke Recovery Association. If you are interested in learning bridge, please contact the NSW Bridge Association at (02)9264 8111 or

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The New South Wales Bridge Association (NSWBA) is a not-for-profit organization and functions as a state umbrella association of over 150 bridge clubs across NSW. To encourage bridge as a mind sport and a social game, most of its resources are open to general public while some are exclusive to the affiliated clubs. The Association provides support for clubs, organizes state level tournaments and represents NSW within the ABF (Australian Bridge Federation). The NSWBA recently qualified 4 representative state teams (Open, Women, Seniors and Youth) to the Australian National Championships, held in Fremantle, WA in July 2015. The NSW Seniors’ Team came back with victory and the Women’s Team finished runners-up.

Chairman: Julian Foster

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Sydney Bridge Centre is one of the major clubs in Sydney, with over 800 members. It meets at three venues, including Goulburn Street Surry Hills. It provides bridge classes, workshops, play sessions, fun events and tournaments to all levels of players, whether they are members or visitors. Its recent one-day workshop series has attracted more than 100 players to advance their skills.

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