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Rakesh Kumar
our Roving reporter tells stories about hands he plays at various times during this year.
Here, Rakesh ponders the question
"How to accumulate IMPS?"
Frank Budai
When it's your day -
good things happen!
Story HERE
Also, from Frank,
"I Trust You Partner"

Your Association is pleased to acknowledge this 2014 Award.
There are four categories.
  • Open
  • Intermediate <750 MPs
  • Restricted <300 MPS
  • Novice <100 MPS
See LIST top 20 in each category as at 31/12/14

This award is based on masterpoints earned at
NSW Congresses held under the auspices of NSWBA
during the year.

Insurance benefits
for ABF registered players

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Any contributions to this eCongress News? Photos (winners usually), articles of interest about your congress (past or upcoming). What is it about your event that I should attend?
Send submissions to office@nswba.com.au

Please send any articles to the editor, john@bridgeclub.com.au
Editor: John McIlrath                              January 2015
First Name Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. I hope that you enjoy your bridge even more in 2015 and that all your slams will be GRAND.
Open Division
Marlene Watts
Intermediate Division
<750 Masterpoints
Wayne Zhu
North Shore BC
Restricted Division
<300 Masterpoints
Johnno Newman
Hawkesbury BC
Restricted Division
<100 Masterpoints
Richard McAuliffe
Windsor BC
Courtesy of NSWBA, each Division winner
wins a $30 voucher towards a 2015 Congress
of their choice in New South Wales

January Congresses in NSW - local clubs 
Thurs 1st - Sun 4th    
Trumps Festival of Bridge
Sun 11th                    Double Bay Swiss Pairs
Brochure, entry and further information can also be found on NSWBA web-site. Click

Matthew asks ...
Have you read this article before? From comments and director calls received, it seems best to repeat it here. (Ed. Matthew is on a well deserved break)
It is entitled
"Ethical Dilemmas - Part 3".
The 'Nasty" Director ....

National (ABF) events

 So, what’s new for 2015!!

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All players welcome to come to the Gold Coast Congress 

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