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The Masterpoint System

Masterpoints are a measure of player achievement, whilst also providing a major source of revenue for the Australian Bridge Federation.

The scheme is administered by the ABF Masterpoint Centre, where details of all player accumulated credits are recorded.  Masterpoints may only be issued through clubs that are affiliated with their State Body.

The Masterpoint Centre

The Centre is managed by the ABF Masterpoint Centre Manager.
Contact details are:
Web Site

The ABF Masterpoint centre will give each club a sign on to the masterpoint centre.  This is where they manage their players and masterpoints.  The website has places for the club masterpoint secretary to register and transfer players into your club, enter Masterpoints, get reports about the players in your club etc.  It also allows you to inactivate members who haven’t paid their memberships, thus preventing them from earning masterpoints until they are reactivated.

Types of masterpoints issued

Listed below are the different types of masterpoints available.  Events also have different weightings for the points awarded (intended to broadly correspond to the standard of the event).  Some types of event (e.g. those that restrict entry in some fashion) also have points factored down.

Blue points are issued in supervised sessions.  A person can earn up to 2 blue points.  When these points are submitted they are recorded as 2 green points as there is no actual entry for blue points in the masterpoint scheme. It is up to the club that is issuing them to keep track of them. 

Green points are issued at regular club sessions, usually at a rate of 1.5 – as an example, the allocation of each winning pair in a club Mitchell movement pairs is three times the number of tables.

 Red points are awarded at State Championships and Congresses, with respective allocation rates of 2.5 (Regular Congresses), 3.75 (Super Congresses) and 5.0 (State Championships).  Each club is also given a number of red point sessions, which are allocated at the rate of 2.5. The number of sessions awarded to each club is determined by its number of registered players, together with the total green points awarded the previous year.

Gold points are only issued at National Championships and Selection events, such as the National Open Teams, or the Grand National Open Teams. These events usually attract awards at the rates of 5.0 or 10.0.

Club Red Point Sessions
Each club is also able to run a given number of red point sessions. Whilst these red point sessions may be used for single session events, the red points allocated to a club’s members can be increased by combining some or all of the red points sessions into a multi-session competition, e.g. a club’s annual pairs championship. In this manner, contestants receive both session awards and final placing points.

 The club red point sessions must then be sent to your state Masterpoint secretary to be authorised.

 Event grades

Grades of Club Events

Club events are split into six grades as follows:
Grade F: (Blue points) Supervised play. There is a limit of two points per player under this scheme.

Grade E: (Green points) Basic grade, default option for all tournament.

Grade D: (Green points) Club championships; every participating club may run three events each year as Championship (Open Pairs, Open Teams, Master Pairs).  Note that club championships can be run as B4c events.

Grade C: (Green points) Regional Championships, under supervision of State MP Secretary.

Grade B4c: (Red points) Special club event.  Must be conducted during normal club sessions.  Limited by the sessions allocated by the ABF masterpoint centre.

Grade B5i: (Red points) Tournament played between two or more clubs. Limit of five such events per calendar year, limit of number of sessions per event (2, 3 or 4).

 Grade of Congress Events

Congress events are split into five grades as follows:
Grade B5: (Red points) Events within a B4 congress, walk in events within B3 congress

Grade B4: (Red points) Congress controlled by state association with conditions regarding inter alia the number of sessions and the Director’s accreditation level; also minor events within A3 congress

Grade B4: (Red points) Tours & Cruises
Convener must be authorised by State MP Sec.

Grade B3: (Red points) Super Congresses
Controlled by State Association after approbation of ABF with conditions regarding inter alia the pre-dealing of boards and the Director’s accreditation level; also minor events within A3 congress

Grade A3: (Gold points) ABF Super Congress.  Controlled by ABF

Masterpointing Procedures

The ABF masterpoint manual provides a complete guide to masterpointing and is available for download from the ABF masterpoint website

Extracts from that manual about common event types are included below.

Key tables of Interest from the Masterpoint manual are:
For Mitchell Movements: Table 1B  -- Green points, Table 1C Red points (b4c).
For Howell Movements:   Table 2B -- Green Points, Table 2C Red points (b4c).

These 4 tables will give you the masterpoint allocation for most of your regular club events.  See below for other types of event.


Green Point Events - Procedures
These points should be entered into the ABF masterpoint site directly.  A complete guide to doing this can be found at the following address  under the help with website option.

Red Point Events - Procedures
As soon as a red point event is completed, the results are to be sent to the State Masterpoint Secretary.  Details about the specific format and information required is listed below.

Single session events
a)- Mitchell and Howell movements

The following information is needed at the top of the result sheet: date, number of tables, type of movement, number of rounds and number of boards per rounds.
All pairs should be listed in result order with their total score, and the ties should be marked clearly. Using a computer to score, simply set it on club red points.

b)- Individual movements
The requirements are similar to pairs movements.

Multiple session events
a)- Qualifying sessions
For each qualifying session, the procedure is the same as for a single session event.
b)- Finals
If the final, plate and consolation are played as only one round, no further results are required.
If the final, plate and consolation are played over two or more rounds, each of these sessions will need a separate result sheet and an extra sheet will be needed for the overall result of each of these sections.
c)- Event without finals
Some club will run an event over a long period, where not all pairs will play in all sessions.
In such a case, State MP Secretary needs, on top of the normal result sheet for each session, an overall result sheet listing all pairs having participated in the event and a total result. If there are some conditions in the event (such as best 5 scores of 7 rounds), these should be mentioned in the event description.

Graded events
If the club runs an event that is restricted to certain masterpoint rankings, and if it involves players of more than one ranking, then the club must calculate the median rank. This will be used to determine a master factor which is then applied to the basic awards for the event.

Teams events
The masterpointing of the teams events depends on the number of boards per match and the number of sessions in the event.

a)- Matches with less than seven boards
If there is only one session, the masterpointing will be similar to a Howell movement.
If there is more than one session, masterpoints are not awarded per victory but per session, so each session will have its own result sheet. Note that the possible substitutes must be shown on the result sheet as well as the sessions in which they played.

b)- Matches with seven boards or more
If there is only one session, masterpoints will be awarded per win.
If there is more than one session, masterpoints are awarded per victory, but also for the overall position at the end of the event. Note that if there are more than 4 players in a team, each must have played at least 40% of the boards of the entire event to be eligible for overall masterpoints.