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North Shore Bridge Club (2-120)
Secretary:The Manager
Address:PO Box 608 WILLOUGHBY NSW 2068
Location:Club Willoughby 26 Crabbes Avenue WILLOUGHBY 2068
Contact:Mike Prescott
 9411 3527
Lessons:Beginner course in the afternoon and repeated in the evening twice per year starting in the 1st week of February and middle of July. Initial 6 week course with a further 12 lessons on a weekly basis. We also have a comprehensive program of lessons at other levels. Contact Anita for further information:
Mon:10.00am (Open and Restricted)
2.00pm (Supervised and Rookie)
7.30pm (Open)
Tue:10.00am (Supervised and Rookie)
1.00pm (Open)
7.30pm (Open, Supervised and Rookie)
Wed:10.00am (Open and Restricted)
2.00pm (Supervised and Rookie) 7.30pm (Open)
Thu:10.00am (Open)
2,00pm (Rookie)
7.30pm (Championship night Bookings Required)
Fri:10.00am (Open and Rookie)
Sat:1.00pm (Open)
Sun:1.00pm (Open)
Zone:Metropolitan: Peter Cox
 0413 676 326
Region:Metro North: TBA
GNOT:Metropolitan: TBA

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