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2020 Australian Open Team Playoff

Players who are intending to enter the 2020 Australian Open Team Playoff should note that entries close on October 4.

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NSWBA Teams of Three
The NSWBA Teams of Three was held on Sunday June 2 with 41 teams competing. The winners were:

2019 Teams of Three (Open)
Peter Bendelstein, Peter Marshall, Warren Lazer(C) and Peter Lipthay

2019 Teams of Three (Restricted)
Tomer Libman(C), Maeve Doyle,
Stuart Schon and Sylvia Halloran

2019 Teams of Three (Novice)
Leonie Grunfeld, Natalie Topper,
Marcia Scudder(C) and Ann Baker

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2019 ANC Youth Team

2019 NSW Youth Team
John McMahon, Alex Phillips, Ailsa Peacock, Matt Smith, Lara Topper and Jacob Rose

The members of the team who will represent NSW at the 2019 ANC Interstate Youth Teams in Melbourne in July have been selected.

Congratulations to:

Matt Smith - John McMahon
Lara Topper - Jacob Rose
Ailsa Peacock - Alex Phillips
Charles McMahon (NPC)

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2019 ANC Seniors' Team

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 ANC Seniors' Interstate Selection.

2019 Seniors ITS Winners
George Bilski, Nicki Strasser, Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Andrew Markovics and Peter Jeffery

The team to represent NSW in the ANC Seniors' Teams in Melbourne in July is:

George Bilski - Nicki Strasser
Warren Lazer - Pauline Gumby
Andrew Markovics - Peter Jeffery
Hugh Grosvenor (NPC)

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2019 ANC Women's Team

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 ANC Women's Interstate Selection.

2019 Women's ITS Winners
Judy Mott, Cathryn Herden, Ruth Tobin, Helene Pitt, Susan Humphries, Sophie Ashton

The team to represent NSW in the ANC Women's Teams in Melbourne in July is:

Helene Pitt - Ruth Tobin
Susan Humphries - Sophie Ashton
Cathryn Herden - Judy Mott
Marcia Scudder (NPC)

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2019 ANC Open Team

Congratulations to the ANC Open Team for 2019.

2019 Open ITS Winners
Lynn Kalmin, (Lorna Ichilcik absent), Julian Foster, David Weston, Matthew Thomson, Peter Buchen

The team to represent NSW in the ANC Open Teams in Melbourne in July is:

Julian Foster - David Weston
Peter Buchen - Matthew Thomson
Lorna Ichilcik - Lynn Kalmin
John McIlrath (NPC)

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State and Country Mixed Pairs Championships

2019 State Mixed Pairs Winners

The State Mixed Pairs was held at the NSWBA on May 25-26.

The winners were Shirley Arnold and Barry Dalsto from the Pennant Hills BC.

The State Country Mixed Pairs was won by Jim and Ellie Fitz-Gerald from the Maitland BC.

Peter Jeffery and Yumin Li won the Autumn Swiss Pairs Congress.

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ABDA Seminar

The Australian Bridge Directors' Association Seminar is to be held on July 27-28, 2019 at the Victorian Bridge Association, 131 Poath Rd, Murrumbeena, Victoria 3163. The Seminar will be open to all however, travel subsidy will only be available to current financial members.

Check the ABDA Website for more details.

NSWBA Teams of Three

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State Novice and Restricted Pairs

State Restricted Pairs winners
Sue and Ken McMahon

State Novice Pairs winners
Maeve Doyle and Di McAuliffe

The winners of the State Novice and Restricted Pairs hosted by the Orange BC on March 23-24 were:-
Restricted: Sue and Ken McMahon
Novice: Maeve Doyle and Di McAuliffe

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Monday Night Session Survey

Last year we conducted a survey about the Monday night session. The results, in summary and then by each question are described in the document below:
Monday Night Survey Results.

The key actions proposed are:

  • Keep the mix of events and event lengths broadly unchanged
  • Keep the number of boards at 27-28
  • Keep the main night on Monday but run a test event on a Tuesday night (this will be the Masters Teams commencing Tue 23 April 2019 for 3 weeks)
  • Move the session start time forward to 7.15pm – this will commence from the start of the next events:
    • Masters Teams on Tue 23 April
    • State Mixed Pairs qualifying on Mon 29 April

Directors' Course - Club Level

The next Club Level Directors' course will be held at the NSWBA on Saturday May 11, 2019.

Directors' Course Flyer

2019 Australian Mixed Team Playoff

Congratulations to David Beauchamp and team mates Jodi Tutty, Renee Cooper and Ben Thompson who won the inaugural Australian Mixed Team Playoff held at the NSWBA over the Australia Day weekend.

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This team with the addition of Pele Rankin and Stephen Fischer will along with the teams below represent Australia at the Australian Pacific Bridge Championships (APBF) in Singapore in June and at the World Team Championships in Wuhan in September.

Sartaj Hans - Peter Gill - Nabil Edgtton - Andy Hung - Tony Nunn - Liam Milne
Helene Pitt - Helena Dawson - Giselle Mundell - Avril Zets - Lorna Ichilcik - Rena Kaplan
Bruce Neill - Avinash Kanetkar - Pauline Gumby - Warren Lazer - Andrew Braithwaite - Arjuna De Livera

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