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Tim Seres Collection

NameTitleTotal Copies
Abrahams, GeraldBrains in Bridge1
Albarran, Pierre & Le Dentu, JoseCent Donnes Extraordinaires1
Chua, CathyFair Play or Foul
Chua, CathyThe History of Australian Bridge1
Cohen Ben & Barrow RhodaYour Lead, Partner1
Darvas, R & 'Lukacs, Paul Spotlight on Card Play1
Desai, G.R.Revolution in Contract Bridge1
Dormer, AlbertPowerhouse Hands1
Dunne, J. Patrick & Ostrow, Albert A.Championship Bridge as played by the experts1
Ewen, RobertPreemptive Bidding1
Ewen, Robert B.DOUBLES For Takeout, Penalties and Profit in Contract Bridge1
Figgis E. LenoxChallenge to Chance1
Forquet, PietroBridge with the Blue Team1
Frey, Richard L.How to Win at Contract Bridge in 10 Easy Lessons1
Frey, Richard L.The Bridge Players Encyclopedia 19671
Frey, Richard L.The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge: 19711
Frey, Richard L.The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge: Forth Edition1
Goren, CharlesThe precision system of bidding1
Goren, CharlesThe standard book of Play1
Havas, GeorgeThe Australian book of bridge1
Howard DenisThe New South Wales System (1970)1
Kantar, EdwinBridge bidding made easy1
Karpin Fred LHow to play slam contracts1
Karpin, FredWinning play in contract bridge - strategy at trick one1
Kelsey, HughBridge: The mind of the expert1
Kelsey, HughDeceptive Plays in Bridge1
Kelsey, HughThe Tricky Game1
Kempson, Ewart & Lukacs, PaulSingle Dummy Plays
Klinger, RonPlaying to win at Bridge1
Lawrence, MikeDynamic Defense1
Lawrence, MikeOpening Leads1
Le Dentu, JoseChampionship Bridge1
Maxwell, DouglasA Simpler Way to Better Bridge1
McNeill KeithMatch Your Bidding Against the Masters1
Mollo, VictorBridge Saga1
Mollo, VictorSuccess at Bridge1
Mollo, Victor, & Gardener, NicoCard Play Technique1
Noall WilliamThe Australian One Club System1
Peche, GeorgeInterventions at the Bridge Table1
Phillips, HubertBridge with Mr Goren1
Priest, DenisProblems in Play 21
Ramsey, GuyAces All1
Reese, Terence Precision Bidding and Precision Play1
Roth, D.Clues to Winning Play1
Schenken, HowardBetter Bidding in 15 Minutes, Expert Bidding in a Week1
Sharif, Omar Omar Sharif talks Bridge1
Sheehan, RobertThe Big Game
Smith, MarcWorld Class1
Squire, Norman & M. Harrison-GrayWinning Points at Match-Point Bridge1
Stayman SMExpert Bidding1
Stern, Paul & Smith, A.J.Sorry, Partner!1
Victor A.D.JVictory System
Wei, C. C.The Precision Bidding System in Bridge1
White, TravisOdd Tricks1
Woolsey, KitPartnership Defense
Australian Bridge 1972 Bound copy1
Australian Bridge 1973 Bound copy1
Australian Bridge 1974-5 Bound copy1
Bridge Writers' Choice 19681